Are you aware that the parts of your computer contain non biodegradable materials as well as toxic materials and heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and cadmium? If you dump them into the trash bin, chances are that the trash collection van will pick it up along with other trash and dump it in a landfill. Over a period, these toxic substances leech into the ground, contaminating the water you drink, and the vegetables and fruits that you eat. Are you aware of the health consequences this can lead to? Drinking water or consuming these toxic materials can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, and nausea. Over an extended period, consuming contaminated fruits and vegetables, or drinking contaminated water can even cause cancer. Therefore, you should always seek the help of professionals for your computer disposal task.

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What to do

Check the instructions manual that came with your computer. Most companies offer to pick up your computer once you want to dispose it. Get in touch with them and tell them that you want to dispose your PC. They will send you a special container containing the address of the company. Pack the PC in it and mail it. Once the company receives it, they will use professional equipment to segregate the disposable materials and the toxic materials. They will then recycle the toxic materials and send them to manufacturers of computer components who will use them when creating new motherboards, RAMs, etc. Not only does this save the environment, it also helps reduce the manufacturing cost of new computer parts.

You have an assembled PC

Do not worry if you possess an assembled computer that does not come with any recycling information and want to dispose it. Search online, you will find many companies that specialise in computer disposal. Get in touch with them and provide them with your details. Most of them have a form on their website where you can fill your details such as your contact number, email ID and street address. After you fill up the form and submit it, their personnel will get in touch with you, seek your confirmation, and send their van to pick up the PC from your place. Ensure that you select the correct computer disposal company. Some of them only deal with bulk amounts and are suitable for businesses. Seek one that focuses on individual computers for the disposal of your household computer. Protect the future of your planet and the health of the next generation by contacting a computer disposal professional to pick up your useless PC rather than dumping it in the trash can.